Energy Audit

Home Comfort and Energy Evaluation/Energy Audit:
This is where it should all start, as they say knowledge is power. So, do you know how your home is performing? Where its losing energy? No comfort or energy efficiency project should be performed without an energy assessment of your home. Our diagnostic tool looks at your house as a complete system and recommends the best way to improve the efficiency of the home, while balancing your budget needs. We perform one of the highest quality energy audits in the region, which also will come with a rebate through the Xcel rebate program (only for Xcel customers). Our energy evaluations include a complete top to bottom inspection of your home which includes the attic, walls, doors, windows, HVAC and foundation. We also do a full range of safety tests to determine potential issues in performing energy upgrades, and to ensure your home is currently safe.

So, what do we do specifically? We perform a blower door pressure test of your home which tests for potential leaks in your home, such as windows, doors, etc. This includes an infrared imaging session which identifies leakage directly in your thermal envelope. We take all of this data and propose how to improve and fix the problems. Believe it or not, there are many things you can repair on your home without hiring a contractor! After the up to 5 hour inspection, we will compose a comprehensive report(up to 60 pages) which includes a priority list of your energy/comfort upgrades, a section that addresses your individual concerns, and a detailed report on the findings for each potential upgrade you can perform. This service also includes a review session with your comfort technician, who will go over the report to help you understand your next steps and answer any questions in an honest and forthright manner.

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